How would you like to host your family, or your special guest, with the kind of hospitality that they deserve? Make a fine sushi platter with the help of your favorite sushi instructor and make them look like your own creation from your own kitchen to your very own fine dining room, patio, or hey! why not to your master room? and have a fine life celebration. My name is Ty (Tsuyoshi Ygei) and, I have been a sushi chef in America for  20 years. Today I'm more than excited to present what I can contribute or create with sushi and its fabulous life celebration. After all isn't  life all about food and its fine company with it? Then, I want to be part of your celebration. Kampai!!! 

Sushi is so much fun. It's not just a healthy body provisions but fun to watch, make them, and substantially nutritional.  

Crunchy roll, the most popular "shrimp tempura" cut roll. It contains fried shrimp, avocado veggie, and fine crispy-cut tater tots over the sushi grade rice. Its delicious. 

Ooooh~ Spicy Tuna. It's another one of the most popular sushi items in the menu. It is made with Avocado veggie, tuna with spice, and fine sesame oil and sesame seeds over the sushi rice. Your taste buds will appreciate it if you like spicy foods. It's good!


Life is a celebration with your loved ones. lets celebrate soon. Cheers! Give me a call:


And everybody knows california roll.